Plastic Surgery Specials

March Specials

March Specials

Revitalize Your Skin

  • Purchase 3 treatments of PicoSure (Savings up to $500)
  • Skin Revitalization for $1,300
  • Skin Pigmentation for $900
  • Tattoo Removal for $1,150

Renew Your Skin

  • Purchase 3 treatments of Icon Laser (Savings up to $500)
  • IPL treatments $900
  • Fractional 1540 $1,150
  • Three for me $2,500

Bare Your Legs Again

  • Buy one area get the 2nd one 50% OFF
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Leg Veins Removal

Reshape Your Body

  • Buy one area treatment get the 2nd treatment 50% OFF
  • Full Ab Transformation (Lower Abs, Upper Abs)
  • Melt My Muffin Top (Lower Abs, Flanks)
  • Full Core Transformation (Lower Abs, Upper Abs, Flanks)
  • Love Your Thighs (Inner and Outer Thighs)

Terms and conditions may apply
Prices may vary depending on the area treated

*Valid through 03/31/2019

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